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I am extremely blessed to be a stay at home mom. I've come to realize that it is up to me to make the right choices in the home. From teaching my kids values and education. To what I decide to put in their bodies and keeping a budget. It is my mission to make our home the safest and loving place it can be.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I doubt anyone will be reading this blog, but I think it may help me be more accountable.  A few of my old friends have started blogging and I have enjoyed reading them.  A few weeks ago I started to read a few more blogs and have read so many great ones.  I've come across many words of encouragment, great healthy recipes, many tips on how to save money etc.  So I thought why not give it a try and maybe someone may come across it and find something they find usefull and if not, hey its like my own journal and could be some fun.
I've been making some changes to my house hold for the past year or so.  I've cut out the white flour and white rice.  Buy only the hormone free range meats, try to buy organic when possible and when it is needed.  I want to go back to the old days, when there was not so many chemicals put into our bodies.  No wonder there is so much cancer and diabetes etc. in the world, look what we are feeding our bodies.  No Kraft dinner etc. here.
I bake my own bread, granola bars and cookies and anything else that I can.  I recently tried making yogurt, which I was very nervous about and it turned out great.  It was easy to make and works out to be a lot cheaper, plus there isn't all that sugar put inside it.  The kids love it with a little fruit compote inside.  It is a lot more work to try to go back to basics, but it is my job afterall to do the best for my family. 
It really is up to me to make these changes and make the home a great place to be.

So if you join me in my adventure, welcome.

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! You left a comment on my blog, so I thought I'd return the favor. :) You're on to a good thing with your desire to feed your family in a more traditional manner; I, too, am on the same journey, baking my own breads, making my own laundry products, basically trying to get back to a more simple way of living. Blessings to you on your journey! ~Lisa