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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am hooked to coupons

About a month or so ago I saw a show on TV about couponing.  It showed people buying hundreds of dollars worth of groceries and paying dollars for it.  How did this work?  Where did they get all their coupons?  I had seen coupons that came in the fliers once a week and never before gave them a second glance.  It peaked my interest and made me wonder if I was missing out on a big savings.  So when the fliers came, I clipped all the coupons and looked in all the grocery fliers to see what products were on sale and if I had any matching coupons.
There is a little trick to this however.  If you don't need it right away and its not marked down enough, wait as it will probably go on a great sale.  Every week I clip and I browse and circle the sales etc.  Then it came time to go to the store and see if these coupons would do their magic.  Realizing that some items that I do use I could buy for little to nothing with coupons was almost too good to be true.  Walking up to the cashier with my products and my coupons in hand my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest.  You have to understand I had never used coupons before and didn't know how they worked.  Or if any store would take them, so I was nervous, funny I know.
Drum roll please.....they worked!  I was giddy with excitement as I was getting products that were normally 4 dollars for .50 a piece.  Some items, the store paid me to buy them.  ( although it was only .3)   Now I am hooked and would recommend them to everyone.  There are not a lot of places so far that I have found where I could get coupons.  I live in Canada so they come in the fliers and online places like http://www.save.ca/ and www.pgeverydaysolutions.ca.  However if one goes onto the product sites they usually have coupons you can order etc.  
Some examples of awesome deals are:
Deodorants, buy 3 and get $0.03 back
Two hair colors and 2 cover girl mascaras all for $5
Shampoos that are regular @ $6 for $1.50
Tide for $2.33 regular ranging $6 and up depending on where you buy
Toothpastes etc. .50

Hey every little bit helps.  Like I said I am hooked and if it saves us money I am in.  I haven't tried printing coupons though, as I am not sure what stores will take them.  I will have to ask them first before I waste my ink.

We have changed the way we do our grocery shopping, instead of going to the store and buying whatever we wanted, I now have a list and stick to it.  Meal planning is a great strategy and work your meals around what is on sale.  At the end of the month I will see just how much we've been saving.

So if you haven't already tried, go for it.  Every little bit helps out.  A little planning each week for your meals etc.  Make a list going to the market and stick to it.  Clip those coupons and when a great sale comes along added with your coupons and feel the excitement.  I almost felt like I was stealing items. 

Here's to saving our money.  Save on household items, toilet papers etc.  You'll be able to either put some of that monies away or put it towards some of the pricier items (especially during winter months) like fruits and veggies. 

All the best to you!

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