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I am extremely blessed to be a stay at home mom. I've come to realize that it is up to me to make the right choices in the home. From teaching my kids values and education. To what I decide to put in their bodies and keeping a budget. It is my mission to make our home the safest and loving place it can be.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Its Up To Me.: Saturday getting ready for the week

Its Up To Me.: Saturday getting ready for the week

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  1. Hello Chris

    I have the honour of being your first follower ;-) I am very interested in seeing your recipes as I have the same goals you do. I'm trying to make my meals healthier for my family as my husband is currently hypertensive and his cholesterol isn't good either. My four year old also has some hyperactive issues that are severely worsened by additives like MSG.Its a real challenge... I can't buy anything in the stores. Its all got to be homemade. So.. I'll be following along and learning from you. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Hope you get to check out my blog as well. God Bless you!