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I am extremely blessed to be a stay at home mom. I've come to realize that it is up to me to make the right choices in the home. From teaching my kids values and education. To what I decide to put in their bodies and keeping a budget. It is my mission to make our home the safest and loving place it can be.

Monday, February 14, 2011


So the recipe that I tried this weekend was a success.  Everyone ate it and there was not one negative comment about it.  I only made one loaf just in case it was a flop.  I owe my thanks to Kendra from www.newlifeonahomestead.com for the recipe.  This will be my go to recipe for toasts and sandwiches etc.  until I want to experiment again.

I also made cake pops for the first time this weekend, they took a little longer than I expected.  That was mainly because I didn't have a large enough foam brick to let them set on so I had to make it in batches.  They were very tasty and looked pretty good.  Instead of cards for Valentines day I sent them to school for the kids to hand-out.  The cards are always tossed anyhow.  Unfortunately the cake is made from white flour, I wonder if anyone out there has a successfully whole wheat recipe or maybe buckwheat.  I mean it would have to taste good and for the kids at school I am not about to experiment.  However I see this as a challenge and think I just may experiment with it in the future.  I would never buy a cake....ever.  I dislike shortening in my cake and icing and do not use these ingredients....EVER!  I know many people do and that is fine, but for me and my family it is not an option.  Butter cream icing should be just that butter....(not that butter is healthy). 

Looking outside at the snow, I find myself longing for spring.  I am looking forward to planting a garden this year.  There are so many new things I want to do, but will just have to take it one step at a time. 
I have successfully found a bread recipe my family likes.  I have started freezer cooking and will maybe one day be doing once a month freezer cooking.  I make my own breads, cookies, pizzas, buns, spaghetti sauces, peanut butter, chicken stock etc.  I love knowing exactly what I am giving my family to eat.  Although not everything I can control, I can live with that.....for now. ;)

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