About Me

I am extremely blessed to be a stay at home mom. I've come to realize that it is up to me to make the right choices in the home. From teaching my kids values and education. To what I decide to put in their bodies and keeping a budget. It is my mission to make our home the safest and loving place it can be.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

While listening to the past Sunday sermon about how we get use to what is around us and then accept it, I thought how it really is true and can be true to a lot of things in our lives.  Now the pastor was talking how things 10, 20 years ago that would have never been accepted then, feels like the norm in our lives today.  I can think of a long list of things.  One of which is the way we eat.  Back in the day it wasn't the norm to eat out as much as we do now.  Nor was it the norm of eating all this packaged and processed foods with who knows whats in it.  People just don't take the time in their lives anymore to cook good wholesome meals.  Meals where we can pronounce all the ingredients and with ingredients that are fresh and untouched just the way God made them for us. 

Now I know there are people out there whom work full time and find it hard to put things together.  However I honestly feel that this is an excuse, and before you bite my head off let me explain why.  I'm not saying that working parents out there should come home and cook a full course meal for the family.  I am saying that with a little preparation during the weekends, perhaps planning your menu ahead of time, maybe doing some freezer cooking, it is possible to feed the family foods that are actually good for you.  Its too easy these days to grab a can or a box and theres supper.  Come on now macaroni and cheese has become the norm in many peoples homes.  How could anyone call that powder cheese?

Here's what I am saying.  Write down your menu for the week.  Things that are easily made ahead of time like lasagnas, meatballs, pizza dough, breads.  Buy all your ingredients and then on the weekend start cooking.  When I make lasagnas I can make 3 at the same time, put in a container and freeze them.  They can go straight from the freezer to the oven for 45-50 mins and they are ready.  Meatballs another favorite, freeze them uncooked or cooked whatever your preference is.  You could even make the sauce for meatballs ahead of time and freeze, then the night of eating just pop in the oven and make some rice add a vegetable.  I make breads every Saturday and freeze one loaf.  Or I make buns (uncooked) freeze them and whenever I want fresh bread just pull them out unthaw and bake.  Pizza dough is extremely easy to make, especially if you buy the pizza yeast which there is no need for rising.  Each person in the family gets to make their own with what they want on top.  No need for take out.

Yes it does take some planning and a little time, but aren't you and your family worth it?